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Superhero Thought Experiments: Comic Book Philosophy by C. Gavaler and N. Goldberg (2019)

The main thesis of this book will be of interest to both philosophers and comic book fans, as strange as it may sound at first. In an unusual effort, thought experiments done by philosophers (ancient and recent), and the stories behind many superhero comics are evaluated, and their many similarities revealed. As both groups play […]

Homer Simpson Ponders Politics: Popular Culture as … by Timothy Dale and Joseph Foy (eds.) (2013)

For many centuries stories, tales, parables and myths not only have been sources of inspiration or simple methods of entertainment; those creations were models to live and judge by and inspirations of how to react in certain situations (as well as guidelines of how not to). Tales and stories told over and over again finally […]

Super-History. Comic Book Superheroes and American Society… by Jeffrey K. Johnson (2012)

There are many ways to describe and finally explain not only the evolution of the comic book superhero but find causes and reasons for their change, adjustment and complete modification throughout superhero history. As World War II historian Jeffrey K. Johnson unfolds very carefully, there is mostly one explanation why the colorful superheroes changed with (and within) […]