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David Lynch and the American West: Essays on Regionalism and Indigeneity in Twin Peaks and the Films...

Usually, whenever American director David Lynch introduces a new film, audiences can be almost certain that it will contain a couple of dreamlike, surreal, noir or neo-noir settings, characters or specific places. It may also feature different regional settings or the story could follow the travels or quests of the protagonist through several states. This […]

Noir Fiction and Film: Diversions and Misdirections by Lee Clark Mitchell (2022)

With some interesting observations and a huge collection of data about genres in the book under discussion here, there are some good and fresh points concerning style, method and procedure, even when hard-boiled fiction and films noir are reduced to their most basic configurations. Naturally, there are variations of the stereotypes, and with regard to […]

Approaching Twin Peaks: Critical Essays on the Original Series by Eric Hoffman and Dominick Grace (e...

The TV show Twin Peaks, written and realized by Mark Frost and director extraordinaire David Lynch, has generated obviously millions of true fans worldwide who still meet at conventions to share theories and possible explanations for the many mysteries that inform the series. Even decades after the last episode of Twin Peaks season two was […]