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Dreams Unreal: The Genesis of the Psychedelic Rock Poster by Titus O’Brien et al. (2020)

Thanks to a handful of creative poster artists and their large fan group that immediately generated, many rock concert posters of the late 1960s today are rightfully considered art, rather than mere advertisements. Their most intriguing aspect then and today were the poster’s strong display of psychedelic arrangements, drug-influenced ways of perceiving shapes, names and […]

Heads: A Biography of Psychedelic America by Jesse Jarnow (2016)

Psychedelic drugs, most prominently LSD, can be credited for having changed Americans and American culture forever. Hardly anything else in the last 60 years has had such a strong influence on American culture as a whole, meaning it had the power to influence the arts (in particular, music), politics, spirituality, technology and naturally a high […]