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A Green and Pagan Land. Myth, Magic and Landscape in British Film and Television by David Huckvale (...

In his latest book, former BBC radio presenter and author of several books on horror and occult films, soundtrack composers and Gothic literature David Huckvale digs deep into the origins of British media obsessed with pagan rituals and ancient cults. Before magic or pagan fantasies informed movies there, it was in part present in the […]

The Occult Arts of Music: An Esoteric Survey… by David Huckvale (2013)

To start with: there are very, very few books that deal with this subject-matter. So finding literature about the music linked to the unspeakable, mysterious, secret and hidden (hence: lat. occultus) is interesting enough. But David Huckvale is not a novice when it comes to exotic topics, he is a writer and journalist who has […]

Bad Vibrations. The History of the Idea of Music as a Cause of Disease by James Kennaway (2012)

What an interesting find! From the pen of James Kennaway, a historian of medicine at Durham University with an interest in popular culture, this detailed account of the shifting representation of the nature, hidden dangers and even strategic uses of music now arrives. In the five main chapters of Kennaway’s study, music and disorder, nervous […]