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Giant Creatures in Our World by Camille D. G. Mustachio and Jason Barr (eds.) (2017)

Even as today every few years or so new films with giant monsters hit the cinemas, the „kaiju“ (“strange beast/creature”) genre is mostly belittled or ridiculed in academic discussion and film studies as well. This situation was not quite satisfying for this book’s editors Mustachio and Barr; considering the fact that the kaiju film exists […]

Egyptomania Goes to the Movies: From Archaeology to … by Matthew Coniam (2017)

When in 1922 British archaeologist Howard Carter opened the sealed tomb of an Egyptian ruler – a comparatively unimportant king who reigned for nine years only – named Tutankhamen, Carter started a huge fad that lasts until today. Since what followed was an unequaled run that spread all over the Western world and started “Tutmania.” […]