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Egyptomania Goes to the Movies: From Archaeology to … by Matthew Coniam (2017)

When in 1922 British archaeologist Howard Carter opened the sealed tomb of an Egyptian ruler – a comparatively unimportant king who reigned for nine years only – named Tutankhamen, Carter started a huge fad that lasts until today. Since what followed was an unequaled run that spread all over the Western world and started “Tutmania.” […]

The Occult Arts of Music: An Esoteric Survey… by David Huckvale (2013)

To start with: there are very, very few books that deal with this subject-matter. So finding literature about the music linked to the unspeakable, mysterious, secret and hidden (hence: lat. occultus) is interesting enough. But David Huckvale is not a novice when it comes to exotic topics, he is a writer and journalist who has […]