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MOEBIUS Exhibition and Catalog – Max Ernst Museum Brühl, Germany (2019)

French comic book artist extraordinaire Jean Giraud, better known as MOEBIUS, (1938 – 2012) is the topic of a huge exhibition currently at the Max Ernst Museum Brühl, Germany. The show is stocked with roughly 450 works. It covers more or less everything from his notebooks (“carnets”), to comics, “sketched drawings, abstract paintings, up to […]

Movies, Songs, and Electric Sound: Transatlantic Trends by Charles O’Brien (2019)

Sound film changed many ideas and experiences of watching motion pictures; certain aspects that concern the use of songs, musical story lines and content of films from 1930 are evaluated here. Author O’Brian selected a corpus of roughly 500 feature films (including musical films) from France, the US, England and Hollywood’s greatest rival at that […]