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America Goes Hawaiian. The Influence of Pacific Island Culture on the Mainland by Geoff Alexander (2...

What began on the America mainland in the 1850s when the first hula dancers were presented to the public and what was promoted by Hawaiian music only a few years later – the promise of paradise on earth, an Eden in endless summer – the Hawaiian way of life, for the vast majority of American […]

The Road to Wicked: The Marketing and Consumption of Oz … by K. Drummond, S. Aronstein, T. L. Ritten

If the phrase “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore” sounds very familiar to you, if could be you are one of the many millions of fans and admirers of either the books by L. Frank Baum or the many products that continued the tales of Oz. For nearly 120 years, the world of […]